Micromax FunBook p300/p350 Battery Shutdown Solution

Hello Mixcromax Funbook & Funbook talk users, in last post i wrote about connecting 3g dongle to micromax funbook talk. Today, I am going to post a solution of Micromax Funbook serious problem i.e Battery Backup problem.

Does your tablet shut down between 20% to 50% battery?

If yes, then it’s not your fault. It’s because of battery calibration , You have to follow some simple steps & you can increase the battery life of your Micromax funbook talk.

How to Fix Battery Problem in Funbook?

You can easily fix this error by using battery calibration app, Download it from Google Play.

micromax funbook battery

The app shows your actual battery status, and only allows you to start the calibration (i.e. removes the file) when it’s fully charged, unless you force earlier calibration.

The voltage meter can be useful too. Full charge is around 4200mV.
There is an option to beep when 100% is reached so you don’t have to closely follow the changes.

Tips to Increase Battery life of Funbook

1. Use battery calibration app

2. Always discharge your battery and charge it again to 100%

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  1. Battery calibration just deletes the stats file. It contains just which app or hardware is using how much (%) from battery. It’s no use and still have the wrong battery indication when switched on.

    It’s good when switched OFF, as the battery charging animation shows correct level.

    I tried Battery Monitor, in which we can enter our own battery voltages (min & max). I tried 3700mV as min and left the max @ 4200mV. There is a lot of difference b/w the android’s and battery monitor’s %age.

    • Right, it is used to delete stats file after installing any custom ROM. But, it can also correct the level of battery in Funbook :)

    • I agree with you the animation shows the correct picture but otherwise does not.Was wondering if this problem is covered by warranty and replacement can be asked for.After Calibration also it switches off at 74% . However is giving a proper back up on standby and active usage.

  2. Micromax tablet is a cheaper than samsung and apple ipad so it will gain the market more quickly than other tablets.

  3. darshil says:

    i tried but not wrking
    pls help meee

  4. Vibhas Sinha says:

    i am using micromax funbook P350. network service is vodafone.funbook always shows no network whenever i try to login in internet. kindly suggest. i have activated mobile connect service

  5. vamshi krishna says:

    Am using mts modem and am unable to conect it to my funbook talk.can you please give me suggestions,how to connect?

  6. devesh goyal says:

    dude thanx for helping……..!!
    bt my tablet( mmx p300) remains at 1% battery status all the time even when charging for 5-8 hr.
    plz help!!!
    plz tell me any battry staus app that tells the actual status of the battery or help me in solving my problem

  7. battery collaboration or battery calibration

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